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Setting Up Wacom Intuos S without bluetooth in Ubuntu 18.04

June 19, 20213 min readOthers

how to configure git and github ssh key

May 22, 20212 min readOthers

How to install and use Postman

April 16, 20212 min readOthers

Cleaning a git repository

April 13, 20211 min readOthers

Install Free VPN on Ubuntu - Protonvpn

March 16, 20212 min readOthers

How to set up password authentication with nginx on ubuntu 18.04

July 19, 20202 min readOthers

Docker: List of Basic commands and usage

May 24, 20203 min readOthers

Tuition Platform - Opensource project built using Django, Djangorestframework and Vue.js

May 1, 20202 min readOthers

QueryParam Chrome Extension Tutorial

April 19, 20201 min readOthers

Nodejs and Npm proper installation and uninstallation in Ubuntu

Jan. 29, 20202 min readOthers

Map godaddy domain to ec2 instance using digitalocean nameservers

Nov. 24, 20191 min readOthers

Point godaddy domain to aws ec2

Nov. 23, 20191 min readOthers

Packages I use for development in atom editor

Oct. 25, 20191 min readOthers

UFW firewall in Ubuntu - Tutorial

June 21, 20198 min readOthers

Installing python3, phpmyadmin, mysql and nginx in ubuntu

June 20, 20197 min readOthers

Git Commands For Beginners

June 18, 20198 min readOthers

Installing python virtualenv In Ubuntu, Mac and Windows

May 23, 20191 min readOthers

Installing Python3 and Pip3 in Ubuntu, Mac and Windows

May 23, 20193 min readOthers

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