🌐 Web Development in Django

Django is a fast, secure, scalable, and high-level python framework for building web apps rapidly.

🌟 Feature Guide

6 min read

How To Structure A Django Project For Beginners

Learn how to set up a django-structure from scratch: organizing apps, static and media files, settings, and optimizing the site.

πŸ“– Topic Wise Tutorial

4 min read

Django Custom User Model: Abstractuser

Extend or create a custom user model in django using AbstractUser

2 min read

Cookies In Django

How to use set_cookie, delete_cookie in django - set, get and delete cookies in django

4 min read

Django Mixin: Custom Class Based Mixins, Example, And Types

A Mixin is a special kind of inheritance in Python to allow classes to share methods between any class. Django has several built-in mixins that can be plugged into any class to provide additional functionality such as LoginRequiredMixin.

7 min read

Django Middleware: Types, Examples, And Custom Middleware

Django Middleware is a plugin system for altering Django’s request or response. Learn about various built-in middlewares plus create a custom one.

3 min read

Which Is The Best Database For Django

Postgresql is the best database for django, as said in django's official documentation.

2 min read

How To Redirect To Another Page In Django

The simplest way to do this is to use the function redirect() from the module django.shortcuts.

3 min read

Django Urls Regex: Path And Re_Path

How to use path in django urls and make regular expressions like a pro


2 min read

Django Https And Free Letsencrypt Ssl Certificates

Generate SSL (Https) certifcates for your django website using certbot and letsencrypt for free. Forever!

9 min read

Automatic Deployment Of Django App Via Github Actions

Automatic Deployment of Django App using Heroku and Github action:-

🍳 Recipe

7 min read

Deploying Django Application With Nginx And Postgresql

How to setup nginx,django and postgresql

9 min read

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration In Django

Integrate stripe with django via webhooks and stripe-cli from scratch

2 min read

Tuition Platform - Opensource Project Built Using Django, Djangorestframework And Vue.Js

Django projects with source code: A tuition plaform built using django and vue.js.

7 min read

Django React Integration

Create a hybrid web application using django, react and webpack.

3 min read

Django Taggit Tutorial

Tagging in django - Learn to add tags in django application: blog, article, post, tutorial.

4 min read

Django Compressor Tutorial

pip install django_compressor: learn to optimize, compress and minify static files in django (HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT) for production.

3 min read

How Do I Add Read Time To My Blog In Django

Use this readtime tag in django templates to calculate content reading time and display it.

3 min read

Python-Decouple: Manage Environment Variables In Django

Learn to manage environment variables for multiple django settings: development, production, testing, stage, etc

6 min read

Tinymce Django: Wysiwyg Editor

Tinymce Editor Django: Learn to install, integrate in django admin, templates and forms.

4 min read

How Do I Reset Django Migration

Django Migrations: Reset, Remove, Delete applied migrations and its folder.

5 min read

Disqus Commenting System With Django

How to integrate disqus commenting system with your django site or django powered blog

2 min read

Convert A Django Queryset To List

Use list(queryset) to convert a queryset to a list. Read more for alternate methods


3 min read

Introduce Custom User Model In Middle Of A Django Project

How to implement custom user model in django in the middle of the project

22 min read

Django Orm Tutorial

In this guide you will learn about django querysets, model managers, field lookups, aggregate functions and query expressions.

3 min read

Implement Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin In Django

How to implement facebook messenger customer chat plugin in a django application

4 min read

How To Create Signals In Django

The Django Signals is a strategy to allow decoupled applications to get notified when certain events occur.

8 min read

Django Request Response Lifecycle

How does django request response cycle work