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2 min read

Raspberrypi Headless Setup

How to setup raspberry pi for the first time using wifi

3 min read

Setting Up Wacom Intuos S Without Bluetooth In Ubuntu 18.04

How I fixed problems like only left side of wacom intuos s works properly and few other issues.

1 min read

Protonvpn Ubuntu: Free Vpn

Download and Install a free vpn for ubuntu

1 min read

Git Remove All Commits History

Git: remove all commit history and reduce the repository size.

6 min read

How Do I Use Ufw Firewall

UFW Firewall Ubuntu: Installation, Setup, Rules, Allow and Deny Connections, IP, PORT, Nginx, SSH ,etc

3 min read

How Do I Set A Username And Password For Nginx?

Learn how to enable authentication in nginx with username and password

3 min read

Install Postman Tar.Gz In Ubuntu Without Snap

Install postman tar.gz in Linux, Debian, Ubuntu without snap using terminal