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1 min read

Git Remove All Commits History

Git: remove all commit history and reduce the repository size.

3 min read

Adding Ssh Key To Github

Git & Github: Learn to generate and add ssh keys to github

3 min read

How Do I Set A Username And Password For Nginx?

Learn how to enable authentication in nginx with username and password

3 min read

Install Postman Tar.Gz In Ubuntu Without Snap

Install postman tar.gz in Linux, Debian, Ubuntu without snap using terminal

3 min read

How To Get First Upwork Job | Land Your First $20 Job

Land you first upwork job in just 6 step, earn your first 20 dollars.

1 min read

Map Godaddy Domain To Ec2 Instance Using Digitalocean Nameservers

how to map godaddy domain name to ec2 instance using digitalocean nameservers

1 min read

Point Godaddy Domain To Aws Ec2

How to point or map godaddy domain name to amazon aws ec2 instance

1 min read

Queryparam Chrome Extension Tutorial

How to use and install queryparam chrome extension

2 min read

Nodejs And Npm Proper Installation And Uninstallation In Ubuntu

How to proper install and uninstall nodejs and npm in ubuntu

8 min read

Git Commands For Beginners

Git tutorial on how to use git for version controlling with github

1 min read

List Of Useful Websites For Software Engineers

List of useful websites for software engineers

1 min read

Detecting Javascript Touch Gestures

Learn how to capture touch events like swipe left and right from mobile devices using javascript

2 min read

Install Free Vpn On Ubuntu - Protonvpn

how to install vpn for free on linux server

2 min read

Raspberrypi Headless Setup

How to setup raspberry pi for the first time using wifi

1 min read

Upwork Readiness Test 2022 With Answers

how to pass upwork readiness test 2020. Find all the answers of upwork readiness test.

3 min read

Setting Up Wacom Intuos S Without Bluetooth In Ubuntu 18.04

How I fixed problems like only left side of wacom intuos s works properly and few other issues.

1 min read

Upwork Top Rated Requirements And Benefits

Here is a list of criteria required for getting top rated profile on upwork

2 min read

Tuition Platform - Opensource Project Built Using Django, Djangorestframework And Vue.Js

A tuition plaform built using django and vue.js.

7 min read

Installing Python3, Phpmyadmin, Mysql And Nginx In Ubuntu

How to install python3, phpmyadmin, nginx, mysql on ubuntu