In this tutorial, you can learn about how to get your first Upwork job by just following a few tips. Before starting let me introduce myself a bit, my name is Nitin Raturi and I am a verified Upwork freelancer with a 100% success score, so you can trust me on my tips. Here is my Upwork profile link: https://www.upwork.com/fl/nitinraturi

Build your Upwork profile

Have a high-quality profile picture.

Have an appropriate Upwork profile title.

Write a good profile description.

Set a low profile rate initially.

Add your projects to your portfolio section.

How to search for Upwork jobs suited for a beginner freelancer?

Once you complete your profile next step is how to apply for jobs. Instead of bidding or submitting a proposal for every job here are a few tips you can follow to select a job.

  • Search for a particular keyword like "python".
  • Apply important filter as Fixed PricePayment Verified, Proposals Less than 5, Hire More than 1.
  • Check the job posted time, do not apply for jobs where posted time is more than 30 mins-1hr, best strategy is to keep on refreshing apply where posted time is under 10 or 5 mins.
  • Once you selected a job, check the Client's History under the jobs section, only submit a proposal if the recent history of the client is having good reviews.

How to submit a proposal?

once you have selected a job you think you are a good fit as per the above criteria, it's time to submit a proposal. When starting keep in mind that many freelancers like you are also applying for the same job and you have to stand out among them, to do so.

  • Have a less project rate as if the project is of $100, then you can bid 50-70$.
  • The First 2 lines of your cover letter are very important so keep them practical as to how you can solve the task. Below is a sample Upwork cover letter.
  • Hii! I just read your job posting, python beautiful soup or Scrapy framework will be used here. I can help you by writing a script using python that will do the job. I do have a couple of questions, but first I’d like to make you an offer and some background so you can check my work out. My name is Nitin and I am a Python Developer with experience in Web Scraping of 15+ websites. I use python, beautifulsoup, scrapy, lxml for extracting xpath for my scraping work. So I am pretty familiar with what you need to do. Here is a tool which I recently made for my scraping work easy - https://raturi.in/projects/apply-xpath-to-html/ However, I am new to Upwork and looking to get a few clients that I can build upon. If you take a look at my work and feel that I could help you, please give me a chance. You’ll get all the expected stuff like a great professional service and a fast turn around, at a bit less, and I get a bit more exposure. You can have a look at my projects: http://raturi.in/projects You can also check my Github profile here: https://github.com/nitinraturi The question that I have is really to do with the project. I want to know more about this in detail. I’d love to hear from you. Regards, Nitin Raturi raturi.in


Always have a set of cover letters for different job types saved in your google doc or something where you prefer so that you can copy and paste them easily. At the time of applying you have to just make a few adjustments like the first 2 lines that give an overview on how to tackle the particular task.