At any point in time, you need privacy on the internet. Protonvpn offers this and for free. ProtonVPN is a virtual private network service provider operated by the Swiss company Proton Technologies AG, the company behind the email service ProtonMail.

Let set up this without wasting any more time.

Step 1

  • Open the link:
  • There are few plans, one is a free plan, click on the GET FREE button below it.
  • It will land you on the registration part, complete it!

Step 2

  • Now open your terminal and run the below commands one by one.
  • sudo apt-get upgrade
    wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
    sudo add-apt-repository 'deb unstable main'
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install protonvpn
    # Source: If commands do not work then kindly verify once again, it might change in the future.
  • If you are using any other operating system then check out the documentation.

Step 3 - Verify protonvpn installation

Run the command below to verify the installation


If you see this kind of output on the screen, it means it's installed.

ProtonVPN CLI v3.2.0

For bugs and errors, please use the form
or send a report to [email protected]

usage:  protonvpn-cli [--version | --help] <command>

    login               Login with ProtonVPN credentials.
    logout              Disconnect, remove ProtonVPN connection and logout.
    c, connect          Connect to ProtonVPN.
    d, disconnect       Disconnect from ProtonVPN.
    s, status           Show connection status.
    r, reconnect        Reconnect to previously connected server.
    config              Configure user settings.
    ks, killswitch      Configure Kill Switch settings.
    ns, netshield       Configure NetShield settings.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help          Display help message.
    -v, --version       Display versions.

    protonvpn-cli login
    protonvpn-cli login --help
    protonvpn-cli logout
    protonvpn-cli (c | connect)
    protonvpn-cli (c | connect) --help
    protonvpn-cli (d | disconnect)
    protonvpn-cli (s | status)
    protonvpn-cli (r | reconnect)
    protonvpn-cli config
    protonvpn-cli config --help
    protonvpn-cli (-h | --help)
    protonvpn-cli (-v | --version)

Step 3 - Login to protonvpn using protonvpn-cli

To login to protonvpn, run the command

protonvpn-cli login <email> #protonvpn-cli login [email protected]

It will ask you for the password, enter the password.

Step 4 - Connect & Disconnect to protonvpn

To connect to the VPN, run the command

protonvpn-cli connect

To disconnect, run

protonvpn-cli disconnect