In this tutorial, you can learn about Upwork Readiness Test and how you can pass it in just 2 minutes.

What is the Upwork Readiness Test?

It is a test just to judge your knowledge on freelancing and Upwork's working ethics which includes

  • Upwork's terms & conditions
  • Upwork's Policies

It will test you on with the 10 questions like how to accept projects and payments on Upwork or how to work with clients in a completely secured and professional environment.

The benefit of giving the test is that, once you pass the test then you are eligible for Upwork's Rising Talent Badge

Upwork Readiness Test Structure

  • It contains 10 questions.
  • Each question has a time limit of 2 minutes.
  • Overall you have to complete the entire test in 10 minutes.

What happens if you fail the Upwork Readiness Test or scored less on the test

Upwork does not show your test score on your profile and even if you fail or scored less in the test, you can take the test again anytime.

How to prepare for the Upwork Readiness Test

You can prepare for the test using this link

How to open the Upwork Readiness Test