In this tutorial, we will configure GitHub ssh keys.

  1. Generate an ssh key pair on your ubuntu system.
  2. Adding this key to Github

This will solve various problems like sometimes 2-factor authentication won't work or you want to allow only a few devices to access the repository.

Let's start

Step 1: Generating ssh keys

  • Open your terminal and run the command below.
  • ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""
  • It will ask you a few questions, keep on pressing enter till you get the output something like below.
  • Now run the below command to print the key on the screen.
  • cat ~/.ssh/
  • Now copy the output generated.

Step 2: Adding the copied key to Github

  • Opening -> settings -> SSH and GPG keys or you can visit this URL:
  • On the top right, click on New SSH key button.
  • Put any title like your laptop name or anything just to differentiate if you added multiple keys later.
  • In the key field paste the copied key and click on Add SSH key.

Step 3: Changing git origin from https:// to ssh

  • Open your terminal or cd to the cloned repository and run
  • git remote set-url origin<github username>/<repository name>
  • Don't forget to change gitusername, repositoryname to yours, like this
  • git remote set-url origin

Now ssh keys are set up, you can try pushing to your Github repository.