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  1. Python Recursion: Recursive Function, Example

    Learn the basics of recursion and patterns to solve any recursion problem in python

    🧮 Data Structures And Algorithms in Python 5 min read
  2. Roadmap To Become Python Developer In 2023

    Python developer roadmap, projects, career,remote jobs, and freelancing.

    🐍 Python Programming Language 8 min read
  3. Numpy Tutorial For Beginners

    Learn the basics of Numpy for data science with examples. Array creation, basic matrix operations, indexing, slicing, and iterating.

    📊 Data Science with python 8 min read
  4. Protonvpn Ubuntu: Free Vpn

    Download and Install a free vpn for ubuntu

    💻 Linux 1 min read
  5. Setting Up Wacom Intuos S Without Bluetooth In Ubuntu 18.04

    How I fixed problems like only left side of wacom intuos s works properly and few other issues.

    💻 Linux 3 min read
  6. Stripe Payment Gateway Integration In Django

    Integrate stripe with django via webhooks and stripe-cli from scratch

    🌐 Web Development in Django 9 min read
  7. Tuition Platform - Opensource Project Built Using Django, Djangorestframework And Vue.Js

    Django projects with source code: A tuition plaform built using django and vue.js.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 2 min read
  8. Django Custom User Model: Abstractuser

    Extend or create a custom user model in django using AbstractUser

    🌐 Web Development in Django 4 min read
  9. Raspberrypi Headless Setup

    How to setup raspberry pi for the first time using wifi

    💻 Linux 2 min read
  10. Cookies In Django

    How to use set_cookie, delete_cookie in django - set, get and delete cookies in django

    🌐 Web Development in Django 2 min read