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  1. Django Mixin: Custom Class Based Mixins, Example, And Types

    A Mixin is a special kind of inheritance in Python to allow classes to share methods between any class. Django has several built-in mixins that can be plugged into any class to provide additional functionality such as LoginRequiredMixin.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 4 min read
  2. Django Middleware: Types, Examples, And Custom Middleware

    Django Middleware is a plugin system for altering Django’s request or response. Learn about various built-in middlewares plus create a custom one.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 7 min read
  3. How To Structure A Django Project For Beginners

    Learn how to set up a django-structure from scratch: organizing apps, static and media files, settings, and optimizing the site.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 6 min read
  4. Django Compressor Tutorial

    pip install django_compressor: learn to optimize, compress and minify static files in django (HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT) for production.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 4 min read
  5. Python-Decouple: Manage Environment Variables In Django

    Learn to manage environment variables for multiple django settings: development, production, testing, stage, etc

    🌐 Web Development in Django 3 min read
  6. Django Taggit Tutorial

    Tagging in django - Learn to add tags in django application: blog, article, post, tutorial.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 3 min read
  7. How Do I Add Read Time To My Blog In Django

    Use this readtime tag in django templates to calculate content reading time and display it.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 3 min read
  8. Git Remove All Commits History

    Git: remove all commit history and reduce the repository size.

    πŸ€” Miscellaneous 1 min read
  9. Adding Ssh Key To Github

    Git & Github: Learn to generate and add ssh keys to github

    πŸ€” Miscellaneous 3 min read
  10. Tinymce Django: Wysiwyg Editor

    Tinymce Editor Django: Learn to install, integrate in django admin, templates and forms.

    🌐 Web Development in Django 6 min read