Hi, I'm Nitin Raturi

Freelance Software Engineer from India.

Primarily works in web development, scripting & automation and data science (w/ Python, Django, Javascript and Scrapy).

I also devote my time to write Blog Post and make Youtube videos to help my future self and others.

For business enquiries you can contact me at develop@raturi.in

Some key points

Know more about my professional journey!

  1. I've experience working with product based and service based clients.
  2. I've developed various websites and scripts from scratch, including database design, JS-coding, server setups, etc.
  3. I've had managed team of few developers.
  4. I've managed to get 5 star reviews, 100% job success score and a top-rated badge on my Upwork Profile.
  5. I've had few bad experiences working with my clients initially, so I choose my clients wisely and respect their time, task deadlines, and work quality and in return expect the required professionalism.


Areas I can help!

Backend Web Development

  • Backend features & integration of components
  • RESTFUL API development
  • Database & Architecture
  • Deployment & Hosting

Scripting & Automation

  • Web Scraping or Data Extraction
  • Migration of data from one source to another
  • Storing data to a local or server database
  • Exporting data to a desired format


I have experience with!

Python Django Django Rest Framework Flask Scrapy Html Css Javascript Mysql Postgresql Docker Redis Celery RabitMQ AWS Digital Ocean Jira Trello Asana Github Bitbucket Gitlab