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Helping you learn web development, web scraping, data science with python.

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Hello I'm Nitin Raturi, a

Software Engineer based in New Tehri, Uttarakhand, India.

I am a top-rated plus freelancer on Upwork having experience in web development, web scraping and data science.

I am also pursuing MS in datascience from LJMU and holds a PG diploma in datascience from IIIT-B and a bachelor's degree in computer application from GGSIPU.


I am working with python since 2017 and loved the way how this language can be used in web apps, web scraping & automation, data science, and much more.

I always have this feeling to contribute to the opensource world. So I put my content here at this blog and youtube.

Generally, all the source code for the posted content can be found here at github.

If you can relate to the content, be a part of this community on discord.


I am busy with my own projects right now but can discuss if something interesting comes up.

For business enquiries you can contact me at

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN): 05CYDPR9269K1ZO

Books (Affiliate)

  • django-for-apisdjango-for-apis
  • django-for-beginnersdjango-for-beginneres
  • django-for-professionalsdjango-for-professionals