Hey, Welcome to the python 3 tutorial series. In this tutorial, we will discuss why learn python.

Mostly everyone who is new to the programming field has a question, Is Python worth learning? A straight forward answer is Yes. 

Everyone is talking about Python and for good reason. Python is a language that opens programming access to the world.

One significant advantage of learning Python is that it’s a general-purpose language that can be applied in a large variety of projects. 


You Can Use Python for Pretty Much Anything, lets discuss some of the fields where python is used.

  1. Data Science: Simply Data Science is the study of data. There is no industry in the world today that does not use data. As such, data science has become fuel for industries. You study the data you have, perform operations and extract the information required.
    Libraries such as Pandas, NumPy help you in extracting information.
    Libraries like matplotlib and seaborn make visualization super easy. With just a few lines of code, you can plot bar graphs, heat maps or distributions of the data.
    Understanding and presenting data to drive business decisions can save significant costs.
    For example, Netflix uses data visualizations to understand what factors help subscribers stay subscribed.
  2. Web Development:Web development includes all the activities used to create websites and web-based software applications. Python can be used to make web-applications at a rapid rate. Why is that? It is because of the frameworks Python uses to create these applications. Some of the most well-known frameworks are Django, Flask, Pyramid. Why use a framework? The security, scalability, convenience that they provide is commendable if we compare it to development of a website from scratch.
  3. Game Development:Python is also used in the development of interactive games. There are libraries such as PyGame which provides functionality and a library for game development. Games such as Civilization-IV, Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, etc. have been built using Python.
  4. Machine Learning and AI:Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the talks of the town as they yield the most promising careers for the future. We make the computer learn based on past experiences through the data stored or better yet, create algorithms that make the computer learn by itself. The programming language that mostly everyone chooses? It’s Python. Why? Support for these domains with the libraries that exist already such as Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy and so many more.
  5. Desktop GUI:We use Python to program desktop applications. It provides the Tkinter library that can be used to develop user interfaces. There are some other useful toolkits such as the wxWidgets, Kivy, PYQT that can be used to create applications on several platforms. You can start out with creating simple applications such as Calculators, To-Do apps and go ahead and create much more complicated applications.
  6. Web Scraping:Python is a savior when it comes to pulling a large amount of data from websites which can then be helpful in various real-world processes such as price comparison, job listings, research and development, and much more. Python has a BeautifulSoup library which we use to pull such data and also a very powerful framework Scrapy for web scraping.
  7. Embedded Applications:Python is based on C which means that it can be used to create Embedded C software for embedded applications. This helps us to perform higher-level applications on smaller devices that can compute Python. The most well-known embedded application could be the Raspberry Pi which uses Python for its computing. We can also use it as a computer or like a simple embedded board to perform high-level computations.


We use python in a variety of applications. No matter what field you take up, Python is rewarding. So I hope you have understood the Python Applications and what sets Python apart from every other programming language.


Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2020

Python is the most wanted language and Django is at the top compared to backend frameworks as the most wanted framework for the year


Python Freelancing


Once you have learned the fundamentals of python, you can learn web development or data science and start freelancing and earn a good amount of money.

As a Python developer, you can expect to earn between $10 and $80 per hour easily.

There is various freelancing platform but I personally use Upwork.com, you can also start working on it.


How to learn a new programming language, especially if you are new to programming?

In case you are new to programming, please go through the videos in this python tutorial series multiple times to make sense of what is being discussed. Programming is essentially a different way of thinking. Just like driving, it may feel challenging initially, but once you get the hang of it, it almost becomes second nature. 


Please ensure that you do not go through the content in one go. You need to set up dedicated time daily. Trust me; if you do this, you will surprise yourself with how much you learn and retain. 


Unlike other fields, the only way to learn programming is by practice - please feel free to make as many mistakes as you want when trying different programming tasks. It’s very rare that we get the program right the first time we write it. Expect to make mistakes but learn from them. Things will slowly start making sense.